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It all could have started with an art school, but no!

My journey began with studies in financial markets, in London and Ningbo, followed by a career in international trade and digital marketing in Hong Kong and Paris.

One day, a family coincidence led me to the Parisian studio of the sculptor Magali Nourissat. This hands-on abstraction immediately ignited a true passion in me. I love the endless possibilities of working with clay to capture the most genuine emotion and cast it in bronze.

It's in the tales and fables, carriers of moral education, that I find my main inspiration. Their imaginative power and emotional influence have therapeutic virtues to navigate through the ages and existential doubts. I see them as a form of return to the earliest visual narratives.

In my work, I enjoy playing on a fine line at the border of two worlds, that of Man and the animal, to reveal both the beastly side of Man and the human side of the animal.

Photo de l'artiste sculptrice Joelle Buard dans son atelier entrain de se préparer à sculpter

Exhibitions & Prizes


‘Coup de coeur’ prizes awarded by the ArtCertificate jury for the Figurative Art 2022 competition

“Boire de l’art” exhibition, a sculpture/wine pairing in collaboration with the Vino Sapiens cellars in Paris - June 2022

Exhibition and competition  “Dissonances” at the Oeil du Huit gallery in Paris - July 2018

Florence Academy of Art - Ecorché Sculpture with Maudie Brady - July 2022

Ecole du Louvre - Introductory course in art history - 2021 to 2023
Classes at the Ateliers Beaux-Arts of Montparnasse - Live model with Emilie Benoist - 2018 to 2020
Classes with sculptor Magali Nourissat - since January 2018

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