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Commissions from individuals or professionals are an exciting part of my work as a sculptor. I am proud to have sculptures in private and corporate collections. I appreciate not only the creation part, but also the whole process, from the initial consultation to the final installation.


The creation process

Initial discussions will include the details of your project: what interests you in the order, the medium, the size of the sculpture, the emotion it should convey, your budget, the deadline, future location and installation .

This may involve providing photographs, keywords and measurements. If it is a large order, I will offer to come and view the environment in which you intend to display the sculpture.

I will s
how you the original clay model before the sculpture is sent to the founder, so that any minor adjustments can be discussed. It takes three to four months to cast an average-sized sculpture.

Formulaire projet sculpture

Custom sculpture project

Do not hesitate to fill out this form if you have a custom sculpture project and would like to receive a quote and discuss it

Thank you for your message !

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